Ultrasonic V

It's Only Natural

September 11 – October 16, 2010

Press Release

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 11, 5-7p

Featuring: Dave Deany, Andrew Guenther, Carrie Moyer, David Rathman, Colin Roberts, Brion Nuda Rosch and Dani Tull

For its fifth annual survey of emerging artists, Mark Moore Gallery is thrilled to present works by seven distinctive talents. Diverse in medium and technique, the selected artists of Ultrasonic V: It's Only Natural assess our innate fascination with self-contextualization, namely through means of archive, taxonomy and cognition.

With gentle allusions to Freudian behavioral repression, Dave Deany's paintings typify concepts of the indigenous and "otherness" in the face of societal development. Similarly, Carrie Moyer's acrylic and glitter canvases toy with visceral abstraction and art historical references in order to evaluate latent signifiers of cultural paradigms. Colin Roberts' delicate sculptures and graphite drawings navigate the divide between the subconscious and conscious, oftentimes referencing a likeness to uncharted wilderness, while Dani Tull's atmospheric wax compositions create a seemingly metaphysical presence though their Shamanist foundations. Exploring the uniquely human tendency to commemorate our experiences, Andrew Guenther's installation denotes our need for "cultural repositories," while Brion Nuda Rosch's found-art collages pinpoint the essence of artistic and evolutionary process. Comparably, David Rathman's sparse watercolors appraise the introspective convictions associated with identity and popular culture, with humor at the core of coping.

For more information about the artists, opening event or to request additional press materials, please contact Catlin Moore, Director.


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