Todd Hebert

City and Country

July 11 – August 15, 2009

Press Release

Mark Moore Gallery is pleased to announce City and Country, an exhibition of nine new paintings by acclaimed artist Todd Hebert.

In this series Hebert's play with expected scale produces intimate and captivating works that entrance the viewer with the precision of their small details. Hebert embraces the label of "photorealistic surrealism" that his past work has earned, yet produces something that is altogether subtler and quieter. These new extended landscapes depict snowmen, steam trains and the "Chinatownland" sign illuminated by firework displays or strings of holiday lights. The iconography Hebert employs suggests inevitable impermanence and the optimism of continual renewal.

"Lovely to see and just a little demented, Hebert's images inhabit a world where innocent whimsy and inexplicable weirdness spiral around one another in a dizzying swirl of uncanny fascination."
- David Pagel

Todd Hebert received his BFA from the University of North Dakota (Grand Forks, ND) before going on to earn his MFA from Rhode Island School of Design (Providence, RI). He has had major solo exhibitions throughout the United States, including at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum (Ridgefield, CT). His work is included in numerous prestigious public collections, including that of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Los Angeles, CA). Publications that have reviewed his work include the Los Angeles Times, ArtReview, the New York Times and Art Lies, to name a few. Hebert lives and works in Rhinebeck, NY. City and Country will be Hebert's fifth solo show at the Mark Moore Gallery.

For more information regarding this artist or the opening event, please contact the gallery at 310.453.3031, or

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