Martin Durazo, David French, John Lyon, Steve Peirce

April 1 – May 13, 2006

Press Release

Mark Moore Gallery is pleased to announce a four-person group show featuring Martin Durazo, David French, John Lyon, and Stephen Peirce.

This is not a test, and things are not what they appear.

Deconstructing recognizable objects from daily life, Durazo, French, Lyon, and Peirce present the viewer with a myriad of contradictions and alternate interpretations of the world in which we live through painting, sculpture and installation. The paintings of John Lyon and Steve Peirce employ scale change and theatrics that explore the ground between abstraction and figuration. David French’s sculptures offer a science fiction variation on formalist sculpture by using Styrofoam and chameleon paint, used in the manufacturing of automobiles, as primary materials. Durazo’s large-scale installations, constructed from a compilation of found objects such as tables, plants and photographs challenge the viewer’s perceptions of everyday objects and how we interact with them. Each of these artists, like magicians, use misdirection to question the association of patterns of meaning.

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