Press Release

The Mark Moore Gallery is proud to present the third solo exhibition by Michael Reafsnyder. With out sacrificing an ounce of energy and wit, the artist has enlarged his format to a grand and massive scale, and pushed the possibilities of chance and architecture with mounds of paint. Previously the work could be seen in the lineage of the Cobra School (Asgar Jorn, etc), but now Reafsnyder references odd bedfellows – from Pollock, to Carroll Dunham and SpongeBob SquarePants. . The paintings are not about traditional brushwork; the surfaces are chopped, squashed, troweled, and swept. The content in turn, and more importantly, is an about face - moments of gleeful pleasure and bitter irony smeared together. The former intimacy of Reafsnyder’s work is now a bold declaration of chaotic happiness, a kind of abhorrent pleasure of the creator, and the act of creating. The area of the private practice is now a public arena both in scale and in pitch.

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