David Ryan

June 28 – August 16, 2008

Press Release

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 28th, 5-7pm

Mark Moore Gallery is pleased to present new work by acclaimed Las Vegas artist David Ryan in the Project Room. David Ryan creates his nebulous, stacked wall sculptures from the most mundane of materials, MDF, taking inspiration from functional design classics. The results are sleek and sassy combinations of shape and color. Yet Ryan's slick design-conscious aesthetic can act as a frivolous distraction from the complexity of his work. The interlocking planes create an interplay of line, shape and shadow, generating perceptual conundrums that enthrall the viewer, forcing them to spatially interact with the pieces. Just as the physical planes of his work are shaped to reveal deeper layers, his pieces reveal obfuscated intricacies, distorting the boundaries between commonplace and ethereal, organic and machine, art and design.

"The amorphous yet deliberate, sensuous shapes created by David Ryan are not quite paintings and not quite sculpture. They waver between the two states, and it's this wavering that seduces the eye into a very lush abstraction."
Gregory Crosby

David Ryan received his BFA from the University of Texas in Austin, TX before making the move to earn his MFA from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV where he studied under Dave Hickey. His work has been exhibited widely across the United States and was last year included in Diaspora: The Emergence of Contemporary Art From The Neon Homeland, at the Las Vegas Art Museum in Las Vegas, NV, which is currently on display at Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CA. This will be his forth solo exhibition at the Mark Moore Gallery. David Ryan lives and works in Las Vegas.

For more information regarding this artist or the opening event, please contact the gallery at 310.453.3031, info@markmooregallery.com or www.markmooregallery.com

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