David Ryan

November 19 – December 23, 2005

Press Release

The Mark Moore Gallery is pleased to announce the third solo exhibition of work by Las Vegas artist David Ryan.

Beginning with quickly executed sketches of mechanical consumer products, such as the seams of a car or household electronic devices, Ryan transforms his drawings into meticulously crafted laser-cut paintings. Shaping and layering multiple sheets of medium-density fiberboard, Ryan's circular spray-painted shapes create lines and shadows that quietly reference the abstract formalism of Ellsworth Kelly while hinting at the playfulness of Richard Tuttle. "No list of artists with similar commitments," comments Los Angeles Times critic David Pagel, however, "explains the magic at work in Ryan's refreshingly sophisticated paintings." Interested in what the artist considers as "the way artists' lines divide things and machines seams connect things" Ryan's paintings explore the relationship between the artist, technology, consumer and product in a lyrical and sensual examination of painting in the twenty-first century.

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