Cindy Wright

November 1 – December 20, 2008

Press Release

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 1st, 5-7pm

Mark Moore Gallery is pleased to present new paintings from Belgian artist Cindy Wright. Wright's large-scale portraits and still-lifes embrace oppositions, the distance between which might be crossed in a few steps or might be too blurry to even define. Wright forces her viewer to scrutinize often-unconsidered yet vital minutia; skin, fat, ripples in fabric or internal organs. Yet her claustrophobic focus offers a false intimacy; in order for the images to remain recognizable, the viewer must remain at a distance; upon closer inspection the canvas pleasingly dissolves into a collection of abstract brushstrokes. Paradoxically, despite this painterly presence, her use of photographs as source material strips her works of any tenderness. They retain a detached and sterile quality, their function a clinical observation. Nevertheless Wright's work displays no awkwardness on behalf of these conundrums; rather her canvases are effortless displays of art historical awareness, their solemn beauty at once familiar and disquietingly innovative.

[There] is a special sort of thrill to that moment when, stepping back from a canvas, a seemingly chaotic mass of brushstrokes crystallizes suddenly into a crisp, recognizable image.
Holly Myers

Cindy Wright received her MFA from the Royal Academy for Fine Arts Antwerp, Belgium and has completed postgraduate studies at the Higher Institute for Fine Arts, also in Antwerp, Belgium. She has exhibited widely throughout Europe and within the United States, including a solo show at the Las Vegas Art Museum, NV. Her work has been met with much critical acclaim with reviews in the Los Angeles Times, to give an example. Last year Wright won the AON prize. This will be Wright's second solo show at the Mark Moore Gallery. She lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium.

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