Chris Tallon

Tool Shop

November 18 – December 22, 2006

Press Release

Mark Moore Gallery is pleased to announce new work by Chris Tallon.

Historically, the use of tools has defined the separation from humanity and the animal kingdom. Inherently a human characteristic designed to control and organize the world around us, tools allow humans to go forth and conquer nature, for good or ill, representing the physical strength, and extreme weakness, of humanity.

In the sculptural work of Chris Tallon we see several key contemporary issues arise from paper and cardboard constructions, posting notice of a rising uncertainty within the American culture for its male populace.The selection of mass produced utilitarian tools made in fragile materials as personalized sculptures, as objects we identify with, begins a dualistic dialogue within the works which address ideas of this masculinity, its constructed and ultimately unstable nature and its eventual transience.

A graduate of the UCLA department of art and architecture, Tallon has previously exhibited at Raid Projects, Los Angeles, UCLA Fowler Museum, Los Angeles, and Borusan Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey.

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