January 10 – February 14, 2009

Press Release

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 10th, 5-7pm

Mark Moore Gallery is pleased to introduce new work by the innovative collaboration Asgar/Gabriel. Asgar/Gabriel's large-scale paintings are postmodern mise en scène where linear narrative is lost; where the figurative and the abstract, image and text exist simultaneously and vie for the viewer's attention. These dislocated canvases ironically serve to locate a contemporary audience who is perfectly at ease with the disjunctive over-stimulation of a world saturated by the media and the image.

In an age of appropriation, Asgar/Gabriel acknowledge numerous Art Historical influences. Elements of painting - from Baroque to Pop Art to Abstraction - are all absorbed and reassembled to create worlds where reality and virtuality interplay. Just as their youthful subjects set themselves adrift within this fragmentary, shifting landscape, the viewer happily succumbs to the sensory overload.

Considering the flood of images inundating us every day, at the start of each of our works we face the question of the specific options that differentiate the painted picture from other pictorial media.

Daryoush Asgar received his MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Vienna, Austria). Asgar was awarded the Strabag Art Award in 2002. Elisabeth Gabriel received both her BA and MA from the University of Vienna (Vienna, Austria). Since forming the collaboration Asgar/Gabriel in 2005, their work has been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe in group exhibitions and art fairs. In the past two years they have had solo shows in New York, Vienna, Spain and now Los Angeles. This will be their inaugural exhibition at the Mark Moore Gallery. Asgar and Gabriel live and work in Vienna, Austria.

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