Oftentimes appearing as unorthodox altarpieces, Kuksi's sculptural wall works have been heralded for their superabundance of detail and narrative – as several theatrical microcosms may converge to produce one sensory fable. Teeming with struggle, conflict, faith, sexuality, and power, his works afford the viewer a ringside seat for allegorical spectacle as the spheres of fantasy and reality collide. The artist obsessively collects and arranges a variety of cultural flotsam and jetsam – figurines, model parts, collectibles, craft parts, and jewelry. The carefully curated and protracted collection process required for each piece renders each and every item a precious and integral object in these apocalyptic dioramas. The political, spiritual, and material conflicts captured within these shrines expose Kuksi’s disenchantment with the past, present, and future state of the world. His dimensional works are a macabre reflection that mirrors our own (ultimately futile) quest for accumulation and prowess. Yet, despite the overwhelming despair and irredeemable fallacies of man that Kuksi explores, a romantic and wistful quality perseveres in the amalgamation of these tiny, independent elements. As is found within our own cyclical global history, the embattled often find light within their trials.

Born in 1973 in Springfield, Missouri, Kris Kuksi earned his BFA and MFA in painting at Fort Hays State University. He also studied internationally while enrolled in programs in Germany, Austria, and Italy. His work has been featured in over 100 exhibitions worldwide, including those at La Halle Satin Pierre Museum (Paris), Museum of the History of Science (Oxford), Williamsburg Art and Historial Society (New York), and the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery (D.C.), as well as within numerous international art magazines and fictional book covers. His work is in the collection of The Crocker Art Museum (CA), and Empire Collection (KS). Solo exhibitions of his work have been presented in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Basel, Toronto, Berlin, Washington D.C., and Kansas City. The artist lives and works in Lawrence, Kansas, and is also represented by Joshua Liner Gallery (NY).

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