"Decorating the foyer of San Francisco's new ultra-luxe high rise Millennium Tower, Yoram Wolberger's "CA Mission" depicts California's iconic Spanish missions in an 18' x 14' model. The nod to the state's former architects plays off of notions of mass production and cookie-cutter repetition with a body made from translucent fiberglass, laid out with artifacts and imperfections to resemble a ready-to-assemble child's toy.

CA Mission continues his interest in toys and domestic objects, although the scale of this piece is notably more ambitious. His past work has included trophy figures and "Cowboys and Indians", a series of life-size figurines representing Wild West characters. Wolberger shows an interest in addressing the uncomfortable racial and ethnic past of California, especially as it relates to childhood education. The reproduction is accurate even in its imperfections, which collectively break the mythical romance that colors the state's history.

The Millennium Tower's location on Mission Street obviously informs Wolberger's choice for the installation, which marks his first public commission. The city's largest residential development will build the rest of their collection with work from other artists with ties to Bay Area art schools and institutions." - Josh Rubin, Cool Hunting

The Millennium Tower
301 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

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