Jason Salavon-Spigot (Oracle's Reflection),2009-Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago

February 28 – March 31, 2009

Spigot (Oracle's Reflection), 2009 / Ten-channel video system, internet connection, custom software, workstations. / 12’ x 110’. Unique & site-specific.

Installation view, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, Spring 2009

Installation view, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, Spring 2009

Press Release

A real-time, public investigation of my personal internet search history, site-specific to the Hyde Park Art Center. Inadvertently, for over three years, I allowed Google to keep an archive of the content and date of all of my searches. This project reconstructs and reformats these 12,000+ queries. A ten-channel installation, each panel is running a previous search of mine, in real-time, from the last 3+ years. The color content is actual repurposed web-page data returned by a particular query.

There are two modes in the piece, in one the literal text and time of a search is displayed, giving a deeply personal, voyeuristic view into my private search habits. Here, the shifting color represents data returned by top pages for the search. The second mode presents the same type of data as endless concentric, psychedelic data-streams.

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