Caren Furbeyre

Focuses on the active and thoughtful process of painting. She takes the viewer on a captivating journey, immersing them in a vibrant and colorful garden. Through her skillful brushwork, Furbeyre creates harmonious interactions between paint and color, revealing a transcendent dimension within the tangible world.

Her playful use of paint generates a sense of joy, as shapes and colors flow rhythmically on the canvas. A recurring theme in her work is the lightness of expression and the expansion of space. By employing sweeping brushstrokes and geometric shapes, she imbues the surface with personal sentiments that bring the artwork to life. She meticulously mixes colors to achieve the perfect transparency, density, and character. Diluted layers of paint infuse the canvas with a vibrancy akin to a flourishing garden.

Furbeyre introduces polarities into her art through grids, colors, lines, and fields, playing with transparency and opacity. In her technique of "brushdrawing," the process of painting adds various qualities such as roundness or flatness, thickness or thinness, ribbons or lines, spirals or flows to the surface. The vitality of the painting emerges through the fluid and graceful movement of the paint. Tensions and culminations give rise to a dynamic interplay, which is ultimately harmonized by the unifying forces of color and transparency. The end result is a captivating synthesis of color and transparency, seamlessly melding into a cohesive whole.

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