Dawson, Decocker, Fletcher, Johnson, Lowe, Marce, Ochoa, Peirce, Reiss, Ritson, Robinson, Rolph, Saegusa, Stefanelli

October 15 – November 12, 2005

Nice To Meet You
L to R: D. Rolph, R. Reiss, R. Ochoa, L. Stefanelli, I. Dawson, B. Ritson

Nice To Meet You
L to R: K. Johnson, M. Marce, B. Fletcher, S. Peirce

Nice To Meet You
L to R: I. Dawson, R. Ochoa, L. Stefanelli, S. Saegusa, K. Johnson

Nice To Meet You
L to R: S. Peirce, I. Dawson, D. Rolph, R. Reiss

Ian Dawson
Henri & Henrietta, 2004
60 inches high, without bases

Dean Decocker
Extended Orders, 2003
Metal, rubber, vinyl
Dimensions variable

Brendan Fletcher
Glossolalia, 2004
Vacuum formed plastic

Kiehl Johnson
The Search, 2005
Acrylic and pencil on panel
60 x 48 inches

Connie Lowe
Graft (felt 1), 2005
Handsewn wool felt
43 x 68 inches

Marta Marce
Untitled, 2000
Acrylic on canvas
23 1/2 x 23 1/2 inches

Marta Marce
Flag, 2005
Acrylic on canvas
63 x 67 inches

Steve Peirce
Sphere with Protrusions, 2003
74.8 x 49.2 inches
Oil on aluminium

Roland Reiss

Boo Ritson
Highway, 2005
59.84 x 48.03 x 18.11 inches
Latex rubber, cold-cast rubber

Amy Robinson
N.Q.R., 2003
Approx. 35 x 13 ft.
Carboard and paper, handmade trash

Amy Robinson
Therapy Session #4, 2005
Pen and collage
14 x 17 inches

Danny Rolph
Exile. 2004
59 x 83 inches
Mixed media on Twinwall

Danny Rolph
Modus1, 2004-05
59 x 83 inches
Mixed media on Twinwall

Satoshi Saegusa
Untitled #04, 2004
Acrylic on vinyl

Satoshi Saegusa
Untitled, 2005
Plastic and acrylic paint

Lisa Stefanelli
Rubberneck, 2005
Oil on board
18 x 42 inches

Lisa Stefanelli
Platon, 2005
Oil on board
84 x 65 inches

Press Release

The Mark Moore Gallery is proud to present Nice To Meet You, an exhibition of artists new to the gallery. This is the inaugural exhibition in a series of shows that will annually highlight exciting new artists from around the world who are on the pulse of contemporary culture. These artists cover a range of differing theoretical and aesthetic positions and extend from recent graduates to artists enjoying a privileged position of influence amongst a younger generation of artists. The exhibition’s aim is to reflect the current diversity of cutting edge practices within the mainstays of contemporary creativity, primarily painting and sculpture, and to allow a new audience to develop for these talented artists.

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