Mark Moore Gallery is proud to present the first West Coast exhibition of Canadian artist Myriam Laplante, from June 5 - July 17, 1993.

LaPlante creates works that speak to our perceptions of good and evil, and the imperceptible distinction of one from the other.

In her widespread use of goosedown feathers in her paintings, Laplante questions not only the spiritual ascendancy of abstract modernism, but an often incorrect reading of the “angelic” nature of women’s work.

The so-called “feminine” softness of the material use of feathers is countered by
Laplante’s imagery, which is heavily weighted towards the depiction of instruments of torture, be it a chastity belt, a head crusher or whips. A hierarchical male/female duplicity is established by Laplante, then immediately subverted. Indeed, in one work to be exhibited at Mark Moore, “buried” beneath a “modernist” feather painting of black and white, a melange of women’s underwear battles a stretched canvas of men’s ties for predominance.

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