Derrick Armor/Cliff Benjamin/Nayland Blake/
Louise Bourgeois/Deborah Brown/ Craig Coleman/
Kerrie Peterson/Lucy Puls/Tom Sierra/
Dani Tull/ Millie Wilson

July 22 - September 4, 1993
Reception: Thursday evening, July 22, 6 - 8 p.m.
Artifice can not exist without intellect.

Kink is the prelude to perversity; kink is about personal specificity, about an idea of adoration that is acknowledged, ironically, through distance and subjugation, as embodied in the intellect.

Kink is not fetish; kink is about new contrasts and new relationships outside the sphere of sentimentality.

Kink is a mental attitude towards making the normal more palatable, more interesting, less normal; it is reflexive of what it fears it has lost forever, in the hope of getting it back.

Kink is fun, as it ackowledges limitations by moving beyond them

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