The Mark Moore Gallery is pleased to present the work of two
artists, Kerrie Peterson from Los Angeles, and
New York-based Paul Laster, for whom authorship, source,
and history are guiding forces in their work.

The two body-types of endomorph (bodybuilder) and ectomorph
(anoxeric), for which countless television commercials and
products have been unleashed on an image-conscious America
(and a particularly neurotic Southern California image)
are historically referenced by Peterson through the use of
two iconic female forms created by twentieth-century master
artists Gaston Lachaise (endomorph) and
Alberto Giacometti (ectomorph).

As in the creation of the couture, Peterson’s work begins
with the muslin, which is draped over the source figure to
create a three-dimensional concept of the finished product.
From this “half-rendered” idea the actual working pattern is
created as a flat “map” of the material landscape, which is
finally transformed into the dress.

Creating two simple, “basic black” dresses, Peterson
utilizes black linen as her working material for it’s natural
stiffness and opacity, and as a reference to the duplicitous
nature of linen as a ground for much art-making, as well as

Concurrent with her one-person exhibition at Mark Moore
Gallery, Kerrie Peterson will be included in “ADdressing the
Body” at Terrain Gallery, San Francisco, “Different Strokes”
at the Guggenheim Gallery, Chapman University, Orange,
California, and “The Rag Trade”, organized by Saul Ostrow for
the InterArt Center in New York.

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