Julie Oppermann


July 27 – September 7, 2013

#m1201 (2012) / acrylic on canvas / 66 x 66 inches

m1203 (2012) / acrylic on canvas / 72 x 96 inches

TH1226 (2012) / acrylic on canvas / 82 x 72 inches

untitled / ohne Titel (ypf03) (2012) / acrylic on yupo paper / 26 x 20 inches

untitled / ohne Titel (ypf05) (2012) / acrylic on yupo paper / 26 x 20 inches

Press Release

Mark Moore Gallery proudly presents "Paintings" in the Project Room by Julie Oppermann. Predominantly intrigued by the idea of sensory interference, Oppermann creates meticulously painted patterns that reference cognitive perception through synthetic experience. As if capturing warped television signals or pixilated computer screens, Oppermann's work evokes conceptual associations derived from intricate moiré patterns, thus revealing profound observations about our intellectual acuity.

Oppermann's compositions are achieved through equal parts rule and spontaneity. Painting layers upon layers of nearly identical lines and waves, Oppermann crafts hallucinatory abstractions that flicker, expand, contract, and undulate based on the unique vantage point of an individual viewer. Her attuned use of hue, space, and contrast induce a kind of visual interference that embodies her concerns about the way information is disseminated – oftentimes generating strains between regions of glitches and consistency to illustrate the inherent flaws between transmission and perception. Oppermann's divergent studies in Neuroscience and Color Theory, coupled with her interest in comprehension and cognition yield these unsettling terrains – distorted topographies that achieve the familiar tension felt between physical and digital interface. While at times, Oppermann's hand appears extraordinarily controlled and calculated, her paintings simultaneously broadcast a competing technique born of impulsiveness and imperfection. Like the visceral reactions derived from manufactured imagery and information, Oppermann's paintings elicit an instinctive sense of attraction and curiosity.

Julie Oppermann (b. 1982, San Francisco) lives and works in both New York and Berlin. In 2012, she completed two residency programs; Residência Artística, FAAP, São Paulo Brasil and the Spring Semester Exchange Scholarship, Universität der Künste, Berlin, Germany. She received her M.F.A. in Painting from Hunter College, New York in 2012. This will be the artist's first solo show in Los Angeles, and with the gallery.

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