David Levinthal

Barbie Millicent Roberts

October 24 – November 28, 1998

Installation View

Installation View

Installation View

Installation View

Installation View

Press Release

Mark Moore Gallery is pleased to present the premiere exhibition of Barbie Millicent Roberts, David Levinthal’s new 20 x 24 polaroid series honoring one of the world’s most well-known

and enduring feminine icons.

Over 20 images culled from over seventy works of the “classical” Barbie will be presented (circa 1959 - 1971), with attention to the various manifestations, clothes, accessories, and attitudes that have made this persona so beloved.

At Mark Moore Gallery, a definitive portrait emerges of a surrogate feminine presence that has pervaded the world as a teacher, a friend, and a mediator between mothers and daughters - a role model of far-flung and enduring influence on generations.

Barbie continues Levinthal’s on-going exploration of the codification of human behavior through our creation of - and encouragement to utilize - toys, particularly as children and young adults.

In this respect, Barbie follows on Levinthal’s investigation of other sociological and cultural myth-making as is evidenced in his earlier series Hitler Moves East (1975-77); Modern Romance (1984-86); The Wild West (1987-89); American Beauties (1989-90);

Mein Kampf (1993-94) and Blackface (1995-96).

David Levinthal was the subject of a one-person 20-year retrospective at the International Center Of Photography in 1997, and his work is included in the collections of the Museum Of Modern Art, New York; The Los Angeles County Museum Of Art; The Whitney Museum Of American Art, New York; The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York, and The Corcoran Gallery Of Art, Washington, D.C. among others.

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