carole caroompas has been active in the southern california art scene for twenty-five years, as both a painter and a performer, and it is with great pleasure that mark moore gallery inaugurates 1997 with its first exhibition of recent paintings by this very accomplished artist.

under the rubric “hester and zorro: in quest of a new world”, caroompas continues her masterly investigation of the inter-relationship of the sexes from a determinedly feminist perspective; mining a plethora of visual imagery and styles, with references to literature both mythic and scientific, caroompas visually re-contextualizes all the ingredients of painting to question the tenets of image and intent.

in late 1997/early 1988, the otis college of art & design in los angeles will present a selective mid-career retrospective for ms. caroompas; the exhibition will be curated by anne ayres, who has recently presented exhibitions for karen carson and kim dingle. a catalogue will be published in conjunction with this exhibition.

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