Caren Furbeyre

May 1 – 30, 1993

Installation View

Installation View

Installation View

Press Release

Los Angeles-based artist Caren Furbeyre will present a selection of recent three-dimensional works at the Mark Moore Gallery, Santa Monica, from May 8 - 29, 1993.

This will be the premiere exhibition opening the Mark Moore Gallery in the Broadway Arts Complex.

Furbeyre investigates the parameters of containment in painting - that which is inside, that which is outside, on top or bottom - through a sculptural language of clear plexiglass and acrylic. Utilizing oil and water, Furbeyre represents malleability through permanance, tension through activity. Furbeyre's unique and specific use of a liquid medium enhances both the passive and active nature of painting itself.

The interactive nature of colors is also an imperative factor in Furbeyre's work. Her literally liquid colors can not be described, they can only exist experientially, as they consort with a myriad of color-situations the artist creates in her painting/sculpture/installations.

Concurrent with the exhibition at Mark Moore Gallery, Caren Furbeyre is also included in the exhibition "Technocolor" at Christopher Grimes Gallery, Santa Monica, through May 15, 1993.

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