Andreas Freitag is a product of the University of the Arts in Berlin, the Ecole National Superior de Decoratifs in Paris, and the California Institute of the Arts. The Mark Moore Gallery is proud to present his first solo exhibition in the United States.

Freitag will exhibit his new images of the heart of America – Las Vegas. The color photographs are shot with a large 6 x 9 format camera, primarily at night. The photos are not digitized, altered or enhanced. Frietag’s subjects are parking lots, stairwells and building facades. Nowhere is there a sign of life, only deserted environments and artificial light. The artist is highly aware of his German (and other) contemporaries, and subverts the genre of “empty architechture” photography with his use of the local ambient color and strict compositions. The playground of Las Vegas appears as a stage set, operatic in scale and surrealistic in his peculiar nuance of colors. The images are reminiscent of Kafka and David Lynch - starkly beautiful, seductive and haunting.

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