Penelope Umbrico-ON TIME/ Grand Central at 100 New York, NY

March 6 – July 7, 2013

Press Release

Grand Central Terminal, one of the nation’s great architectural treasures, has been the site of the beginning and ending of countless journeys for millions of travelers over the past century. Instantly recognizable the world over as a great temple of transportation, the heart of the landmark centers upon the main concourse with its grand vaulted celestial canopy and famous four-sided clock, a beloved meeting place for generations.
To celebrate Grand Central’s 100th birthday, MTA Arts for Transit and Urban Design presents an exhibition, On Time/ Grand Central at 100, featuring the work of more than a dozen contemporary artists. The artists in this exhibit capture and reimagine these moments, and connect them with the present. This is an exhibition about Time – and about the people who move and live through it, who are connected to the past and future through their experience in this iconic, romantic place.
Artworks by Vik Muniz, Jim Campbell, Penelope Umbrico, Lothar Osterburg, Patrick Jacobs, Paul Himmel, Olive Ayhens, London Squared Productions, Pop Chart Lab and many more will be on view in the New York Transit Museum Gallery Annex from March 6 through July 7, 2013.

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