Okay Mountain - Monument to a Decommissioned Monument


Press Release

Okay Mountain recently created and installed a site-specific installation on George's Island - located within the Boston Harbor Islands, a national park off the city’s coast that’s threatened by sea level rise. Produced by the Isles Arts Initiative, the commission is part of a summer long public art series on Georges, Spectacle islands and Boston Sculptors Gallery that will capture the intrinsic beauty of the 34 harbor islands.

For their commission, Okay Mountain created Monument to a Decommissioned Monument (2015), in which they reflect on the way historic sites, and even history itself is repurposed. Responding to the revolving reincarnation of George’s Island, from military fort, to prison, to training grounds, to public park, Okay Mountain presents a shrouded heroic figure looking out toward Boston, suggesting a now-defunct past our possibly an as-yet-revealed future.

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