Jean Shin - Everyday Monuments


Sports trophies, painted cast and sculpted resins, projections
Floor Installation: Dimensions variable, approximately 7.33 ft h x 5 ft w x 45 ft d
Wall Projection: 9.33 ft h x 42 ft w
Commissioned by the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C. for the exhibition,

Jean Shin: Common Threads

Everyday Monuments celebrates the unsung heroes of our society whose everyday labors go unrecognized.  Washington-area residents donated nearly two thousand trophies to Shin who then transformed each figure’s sports pose into the unsensational, yet distinctive gestures of day-to-day work.  The altered trophies are arranged on a long rectangular platform that recalls an aerial view of the National Mall.  Collectively, the shimmering gold figures create a dynamic topography of people typing, hammering, pushing a stroller, holding a tray, etc.  Life-size photographic composites of the figures are projected onto the gallery wall inviting the viewer to become one in the crowd.

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