Press Release

Mark Moore Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by Las Vegas-based artist, Tim Bavington; opening with a reception for the artist on Saturday, June 29th, from 5-7pm.

Tim Bavington's vivid striped paintings with bold and unexpected color combinations have become synonymous with young contemporary painting. He has, in fact, been curated into many surveys on the subject with his contemporaries: Ultralounge, curated by Dave Hickey, Post-Hypnotic, curated by Francis Colpitt, Glee, at the Aldrich museum, curated by Jessica Hough, American Talent, curated by David Pagel in Frankfurt, Neo Painting: New Art in America, at the Young-Un Contemporary Art Museum in Korea, and most recently, New in Town at the Portland Museum curated by Bruce Guenther.

In this most recent collection of work, Tim has brought a new methodology to his painting. Exploring the relationship of music with art, the new paintings have become color visualizations of music's passage through time. Tim has been transcribing sheet music by hand and assigning a color to each note in the bar of music. Each time that note occurs in the composition, it occurs in the painting. Using this method as a basis to compose the paintings seems to open Tim up to some surprises in the composition.

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