Bosman, Blackwell, Bluhm & Stein, Dilling & Burke, Eastman, Hebert, Hein, Morse, Swanson

February 21 – March 27, 2004

L to R: Eastman, Blackwell, Eastman, Bluhm & Stein, Swanson

L to R: Eastman, Bluhm & Stein, Dilling & Burke, Swanson

L to R: Bluhm & Stein, Dilling & Burke (on floor), Morse, Bosman

L to R: Hein, Hebert, Dilling & Burke, Eastman

L to R: Morse (3 pieces), Dilling & Burke (on floor), Bosman, Hein, Hebert

Press Release


February 21 – March 27, 2004

Josh Blackwell

Johanna Burke

Erik Bluhm

Matt Dilling

Gail Dawson

Mari Eastman

Todd Hebert

Portia Hein

Aaron Morse

Richard Stein

Marc Swanson

Nature is a shifting presence in contemporary life. In increasingly urbanized countries like United States, where the majority of the population lives in cities, nature is a constructed reality — one that not only fills in the physical space between human-made structures, but also plugs the gaps in an array of pop culture representations.

For artists today this presents a problem. The experiential tradition of working from the beauty and majesty of nature in its environs — that inspired artists from Zhu Da to Poussin — often seems incommensurable with modern urban experience.

The artists in this exhibition approach nature from a variety of angles. It can be something organized and observed in the studio; a point of reference from which to examine a media-saturated culture; the subject of dreamy projection; and the focus of sometimes questionable historical interpretation.

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