Press Release

The Mark Moore Gallery is pleased to present the first West Coast solo exhibition of work by Texas-based painter, John Pomara. This will be the first solo show of work by Pomara since his one-person show at the Dallas Museum of Art last year.

Looking at Pomara's work prompts a subtle visual déjà vu. They're abstract paintings, but they vaguely resemble the "images" produced when your fax malfunctions or the copier's toner cartridge craps out. Working with the same material components used by Paleolithic man - pigment mixed with binder and applied to a surface - Pomara creates images culled not from the natural world but from the inadvertent expressionism of mechanical glitches.

Created on rectangular sheets of aluminum, instead of canvas, the paintings are coated with oil-based enamel that looks baked on and has the same sleek sensuousness as a glossy automotive paint job. The paintings are primarily fields of solid color interrupted with horizontal streaks and smears that reveal underlying color. The works are almost cinematic as they convey a blur of rushing movement, capturing some indescribable aspect of contemporary life.

John Pomara has works in the collections of The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; the Museum of Modern Art, New York, and the Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas. For additional information on the artist, please contact the gallery at 310-453-3031 or

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