Press Release

The Mark Moore Gallery is proud to present the second solo exhibition of paintings by Eric Freeman. The artist lives and works in Sagaponack, New York and is currently exhibiting at the Mary Boone Gallery on Fifth Avenue. He has also recently completed a solo show at Bjorn Wetterling Gallery in Stockholm, and has previously shown with Stux Gallery and Feature Gallery in New York.

Freeman’s new body of paintings is inspired by a range of eclectic influences: James Turrell, television static, El Greco, Rothko, digital imaging– all to a common end game of sensual and light filled canvases. The works are a synthesis of contrasts – organic moody colors blended together to create unpredictable and sometimes severe, optical illusions. Freeman references Dan Flavin with a kind of symmetry of color balanced by a central dark core. What appears natural is stretched to synthetic to envelope the viewer as a new psychotropic landscape. What looks to be infinite can often be Photoshop, yet Freeman’s canvases insist the illusion of forever is crafted and created, and then experienced.

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