Eric Freeman

January 5 – February 9, 2002

Old Blue, 2001
oil on canvas
108 x 108 inches

Brown, 2001
oil on canvas
84 x 108 inches

Violet, 2001
oil on canvas
96 x 96 inches

Press Release

The Mark Moore Gallery is proud to present the first West Coast exhibit of paintings by Eric Freeman. In the wake of Abstract Expressionism, Freeman spins hypnotic and painterly webs on linen. Using his own pigments and paint, he creates all over calligraphic markings producing vast and intricate structures that float on monochromatic fields. The compositions appear spontaneous, as woven clouds of color, nine feet square. These are not works of traditional AE angst, but of unapologetic, lush beauty.

He has previously shown with Stux Gallery, and Feature Gallery in New York, and Baldwin Galley in Aspen.

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