David Hilliard

Catch & Release

November 2 – December 21, 2002

Catch and Release, 2002

Press Release

The Mark Moore Gallery is proud to present the second solo exhibition by photographer David Hilliard. The artist teaches at Yale University and has received numerous awards: Guggenheim Fellowship, Fulbright Grant, and the Peter Reed Fellowship for excellence in photography. His work is also in museum collections around the United States such as the Los Angeles County Art Museum, the DeCordova Museum and the Fogg Museum at Harvard University.

Hilliard best describes his recent photographs as:

“This new series of images scrutinizes a world steeped in testosterone. From boyhood to manhood, the photographs examine nebulous aspects of the masculine environment: A boy wins first place, teenagers stripped of their shirts compete against each other, a man dreams of a world just beyond his reach, while others race toward intoxication.

Men win and lose, and in both cases, are left unfulfilled - longing for more. The objects of our sexual desire are often allusive, if not altogether unobtainable.

In a world of Catch & Release we often let go of the coveted and search for that which we do not have. Ultimately, in the wake of these experiences, we are left with a vivid memory. These are the images of those memories. Some are mine, others are not, while others may belong to you.”

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