Christoph Wedding

September 14 – October 26, 2002

Press Release

The Mark Moore Gallery is pleased to announce the first American exhibition of on of Germany’s most highly regarded young artists; Christoph Wedding. Those of you who attended The Armory Show 2001 may have noted the work there or perhaps you saw his most recent, highly acclaimed, show in Cologne last Fall.

Christoph Wedding loves to construct optical discrepancies. In the opposition between brush stroke and color, the circles, loops and streaks of his paintings are impelled into motion. Like blown up calligraphic lines on bull nosed MDF ’tablets’, they form strangely immaterial swirls reminiscent of screen images or light projections.

For Christoph Wedding, the fascination of painting lies in the fact that this venerable medium can produce extremely different intentions and results. It is a fascination with the elementariness of a brush stroke on a support; a brush stroke from which paintings emerge. As Christoph Wedding says, "One does something similar, applies something expressively, and is yet much more self-conscious in formulating the subjective." And we see therein that history does not advance in leaps and bounds, but through a shift in accents.

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