Dimitri Kozyrev regards the current political and military polemic as relative to past Totalitarian and Imperialistic regimes. He therefore associates contemporary events with the climate of suspicion and censorship (and thus instability) that prevailed in his homeland during the last century, especially in relation to art. The series entitled Lost Edge focuses on notions of the avant-garde and both the military and artistic implications of the phrase. A Modernist and Constructivist re-arranging of pictorial space references artistic movements at the turn of the last century and acts as a reflection on the censoring of the avant-garde artists within the increasing totalitarianism of the early Soviet Union. This body of work illustrates Kozyrev's contemplation of this history in an attempt to critique, through association, the current state of affairs in both the military and artistic spheres.

Dimitri Kozyrev (born 1967, St. Petersburg, Russia) received his MFA from the University of California, Santa Barbara (CA), and has since had solo exhibitions in New York, Santa Fe, Los Angeles, and Chicago. His work has been featured at the Krasnoyarsk VIII Biennale, Museum of Contemporary Art (Russia), the Tuscon Museum of Art (AZ), Museum of Contemporary Art (AZ), Gulf Coast Museum of Art (FL), Santa Monica Museum of Art (CA), the Armory Show (NY), and Torrance Art Museum (CA). His work has been acquired by the Berkus Family Collection (CA), Wellington Collection (MA) and UCSB Art Museum (CA). He is also the recipient of the Abrams Prize (CA) and Art Omi Residency (NY). Kozyrev lives and works in Tuscon, AZ.

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